The Torrent Site That Started It All

There can be no emphasizing the fact that there are always pioneers in any field and more so for an application that has gained the users’ confidence.  The early days did not work to the advantage of torrent sites with regulatory bodies and different affected parties taking on the nascent form of file sharing.  It must be pointed out that is such a scenario; it is the focus that the first popular sites that hosted the torrents that made a big difference to gaining a wide acceptability to the practice of file sharing.

The Pirate Bay

This site could well be credited with bringing the file sharing practice to mainstream activity and its contribution to making file sharing an accepted practice simply cannot be ignored.  The very early days have since been replaced by a reliability of service that is bound to be well accepted by the community of gamers and as with the movie buffs too.

It must be said that file sharing brings on an affordability factor that simply cannot be replaced by any other form of practice.  In many ways, it can be said that a lot of games and movies got to within easy reach of those that made it mainstream with the extensive application of file sharing.  Thus the Pirate Bay site has been at the forefront of innovations in use of file sharing and to bring into a wider acceptability.

There have always been times when the site got affected by issues of the times, including the various regulatory issues.  It must be pointed out that the sheer tenacity of the promoters of the site saw it through the most difficult of times.  There has been an increase use of proxies to handle the present trend of ISPs blocking out sites as torrents.  The more ardent of followers of the site are sure to swear by a service that truly stands out for the quality on hand that is offered to the user.