Porsche Goes for Michelin for its Much-Awaited 2015 911 GT3

Michelin Tyres’ Pilot Sport Cup 2 radials are the ones that Porsche has laid its finger on. These tyres will carry the upcoming Porsche 911 GT3 edition, ready for launch in 2015. The French tyre giant promises over 50% more laps as well as faster velocities with its revolutionary product.

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1 Porsche Goes for Michelin for its Much-Awaited 2015 911 GT3

Porsche has chosen the Pilot Sport Cup 2 as original equipment fitment for its 2015 911 GT3. The latest iteration of this super road car will don this Michelin product, which has been completely revamped for superior grip and better wear characteristics.

Michelin claims that the Pilot Sport Cup 2 lasts for a 50% longer duration on track and ensures faster lap times, compared to its predecessor. The tyre manufacturer attributes these qualities to its ongoing endeavours in the motorsport arena.

Development and Testing

The development of this particular tyre began with Porsche’s 918 super hybrid car. It included an elaborate test programme, which saw over 50 evolutions of the Pilot Sport Cup 2, before the final version was produced.

The exhaustive test programme included 150 hours of rigorous testing, 4000km of track time, 200 tyres specifically designed for tuning and nearly 550 prototypes.

Porsche’s Requirements – A Challenge for Michelin

The German auto major’s wish list for its newest 911 GT3 was a massive challenge for the French tyre major. Porsche’s ideal tyre was required to offer high grip under dry and wet conditions, lowest possible fuel consumption, enhanced safety in the wet and a long tread life.

Michelin, in order to design and manufacture a tyre as all-encompassing as this, merged the following key ingredients:

  1. Bi-Compound Technology
  2. Track Longevity 2.0® technology
  3. Deeper Tread

It employed Bi-Compound Technology, in which the compounds on the inner and outer tyre shoulder differ from each other. The exterior part of the tread contains an elastomer with “High Molecular Chain” structure, for superior grip in the dry and during tight bends. The interior portion of the tread consists of a rigid elastomer to facilitate precise steering control. Such a composition is found in Porsche Carrera Cup, in its N2 tyre family.

The resultant tyre, the Pilot Sport Cup 2, offers a host of opposing benefits. The tyre, consequently, offers exceptional dry grip and better lap time consistency in the dry.

The innovative tyre also has a unique bead area, which is 10% broader than that of conventional sports radials. It, hence, has better cornering abilities.

The latest Michelin product is also equipped with the tyre maker’s Track Longevity Technology 2.0. Under this, the tyre gets racing-inspired shoulder architecture, which enables it to withstand tough cornering in every lap.

And lastly, the tread depth of this Michelin tyre has been enhanced by 20% – a design that facilitates safe performance under wet conditions.

The new tyre, Michelin states, can ensure 1.8s faster lap duration in the dry, over five laps, in comparison with its predecessor – Pilot Sport Cup +. The same tyre, in the wet, offers 1.2s faster lap times as proved during track testing.

Michelin spokesperson calls its Pilot Sport Cup 2 the best road-legal racing radial by far; and that they have test results to establish the same.