Porsche Goes for Michelin for its Much-Awaited 2015 911 GT3

Michelin Tyres’ Pilot Sport Cup 2 radials are the ones that Porsche has laid its finger on. These tyres will carry the upcoming Porsche 911 GT3 edition, ready for launch in 2015. The French tyre giant promises over 50% more laps as well as faster velocities with its revolutionary product.

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1 Porsche Goes for Michelin for its Much-Awaited 2015 911 GT3

Porsche has chosen the Pilot Sport Cup 2 as original equipment fitment for its 2015 911 GT3. The latest iteration of this super road car will don this Michelin product, which has been completely revamped for superior grip and better wear characteristics.

Michelin claims that the Pilot Sport Cup 2 lasts for a 50% longer duration on track and ensures faster lap times, compared to its predecessor. The tyre manufacturer attributes these qualities to its ongoing endeavours in the motorsport arena.

Development and Testing

The development of this particular tyre began with Porsche’s 918 super hybrid car. It included an elaborate test programme, which saw over 50 evolutions of the Pilot Sport Cup 2, before the final version was produced.

The exhaustive test programme included 150 hours of rigorous testing, 4000km of track time, 200 tyres specifically designed for tuning and nearly 550 prototypes.

Porsche’s Requirements – A Challenge for Michelin

The German auto major’s wish list for its newest 911 GT3 was a massive challenge for the French tyre major. Porsche’s ideal tyre was required to offer high grip under dry and wet conditions, lowest possible fuel consumption, enhanced safety in the wet and a long tread life.

Michelin, in order to design and manufacture a tyre as all-encompassing as this, merged the following key ingredients:

  1. Bi-Compound Technology
  2. Track Longevity 2.0® technology
  3. Deeper Tread

It employed Bi-Compound Technology, in which the compounds on the inner and outer tyre shoulder differ from each other. The exterior part of the tread contains an elastomer with “High Molecular Chain” structure, for superior grip in the dry and during tight bends. The interior portion of the tread consists of a rigid elastomer to facilitate precise steering control. Such a composition is found in Porsche Carrera Cup, in its N2 tyre family.

The resultant tyre, the Pilot Sport Cup 2, offers a host of opposing benefits. The tyre, consequently, offers exceptional dry grip and better lap time consistency in the dry.

The innovative tyre also has a unique bead area, which is 10% broader than that of conventional sports radials. It, hence, has better cornering abilities.

The latest Michelin product is also equipped with the tyre maker’s Track Longevity Technology 2.0. Under this, the tyre gets racing-inspired shoulder architecture, which enables it to withstand tough cornering in every lap.

And lastly, the tread depth of this Michelin tyre has been enhanced by 20% – a design that facilitates safe performance under wet conditions.

The new tyre, Michelin states, can ensure 1.8s faster lap duration in the dry, over five laps, in comparison with its predecessor – Pilot Sport Cup +. The same tyre, in the wet, offers 1.2s faster lap times as proved during track testing.

Michelin spokesperson calls its Pilot Sport Cup 2 the best road-legal racing radial by far; and that they have test results to establish the same.

The Everyday Tyre Buyer – Inevitable Aging and Potential Repercussions on Tyre Sales Processes

While there is ample scope of discussion on what a tyre’s sell-by date should ideally be, today we will touch upon a very new, almost untouched area. We will talk about aging pertaining to that of car tyres, but not of tyre per se. The point of discussion today is the way tyre traders will have to modify pitching their wares and services to the “older” tyre consumers.

The Growing Number of Elderly Drivers

With the news we got last week that there are 4 million motorists on UK roads over 70 years of age, today’s topic gains more relevance. The relevant statistics from RAC Foundation have indicated that this number will continue to grow further. The firm has published that the number of over-70 motorists holding valid driving licenses crossed the four million mark in the previous quarter, for the first time ever.

Currently, motorists aged 70 years and above are required to renew their driving license once every three years. Their eyesight and overall health are important too. The point here, however, is not to question the abilities of an average elderly driver. More often than not, the arrogance and overconfidence of a young driver is the cause of an accident or insurance claimed on UK roads. The point is whether this particular genre of elderly clients is being served at the best of industry’s abilities or not.

The Need for Change in Tyres Sales Processes

Leading vehicle servicing websites and companies remind drivers to regularly maintain their vehicles by ensuring an annual MOT and visiting their mechanic for regular checks. Particularly, in case of older drivers, it is quite essential that their vehicles are continually maintained in accordance with the requirements of their owners.

This situation, certainly, will have implications on the manner in which winter tyres retailers conduct their businesses. The fact that UK’s driver pool is constantly aging and the number of younger drivers is simultaneously plummeting, is expected to impact retail and tyre sales procedures.

Some years ago, a major tyre manufacturer’s retail operation discovered that in addition to scoring low on customer satisfaction with female buyers, it also had the lowest number of female run flat tyres purchasers among its peers. When the firm realised this, its management immediately modified their strategic approach and revamped their premises as well as selling style.

The company’s efforts were successful and garnered a swift response from the target segment. It happened because they appreciated, on time, the fact that women hold inconsistent levels of purchasing power particularly with reference to car repairs. What the burning question today is which company is doing the same for elderly motorists?

The average age of motorists is on the rise, substantiated by the findings of a UK Government-led research. The study predicts that in the coming years, out of the existing number of UK citizens, about 10 million will age to 100 years. An AA research has shown that by 2030, over 90% of males over 70 will be motorists. In the wake of the present-day scenario, we must not expect this issue to wane anytime soon.

Canvas Prints are Modern Photo Booths

The photos on canvas are great way to create the old photo booth effects as from the older times. It was fun to go to the photo booths and with best friends and partner after movies. The black and white photos or the ones with sepia effect in horrible lighting. These were some of the best memories for many. With the advancement in photography and smartphones, the photo booths are least popular nowadays. There are best resolution camera phones and one may take stunning photos with these. Sadly, there is least number of photo booths nowadays.

There is a great idea to get the effects of the photos booth images. One can print the photos onto canvas and create the special effects on the canvas prints. Just click the photo with your boyfriend or best friend doing crazy gestures and upload the image to the CanvasDesignz and choose the frame and sit back and wait for the beautiful art piece to arrive at your home.

The canvas prints are coated with UV protective layer and varnish to prevent from heat and moisture. These memories can be remembered forever by printing the image on the canvas. These can remain intact for as good as 100 years and can be passed to future generations as well.

One can do the settings accordingly. The picture can be arranged vertically the photo effects can be added as well. Just get one large photo on canvas or get many photos to create a small collage on the canvas. These individual photos can be arranged in beautiful way on the walls of the bedroom.
Just imagine the bedroom with photos of your loved one with photo booth effects and one can even look at them and remember the time even after decades.

Five Actual Ways with Which You Can Increase Your Income Online

People keep trying finding different ways to earn money online but they end up with disappointment because they do not know where to look up for the actual websites that would help them earn some extra cash. You can even http://www.unleashthewealthwithin.net by working consistently online and expect a good amount of money to flow into the bank. Here are a few areas that one can look online to earn money:

· Check for the websites that pay – try research for the websites that are legit and pay you for the effort that you put in. Few examples of such websites are Fiverr, user testing, Project payday et cetera.

· Write articles – you can also earn online by writing articles and posts for various websites as ghostwriter. Examples of websites that pay you for writing includes iWriter, text broker et cetera.

· Sell your stuff – you can list the products that you trade or sell on websites like craigslist, Amazon, eBay for selling them directly to the customers that are interested in the products.

· Blogging – you can do this if you have time to post at least two articles every day. Pick the areas that you are interested to write about and share your views with the world. You can earn with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing by promoting products through your website.

· Work from home – you can also choose to work from home by getting associated with companies like SpeakWrite, Liveops et cetera.

Try to be punctual always if you want to unless the money that you needed and dreamed off throughout your life. One must behave like a professional even while working from home and trying to earn money through Internet otherwise there will be no result and you end up wasting your time.

How to Pick the Best Gym for You

You have decided to join a gym. You want to get fit, be healthy, and in general, just feel better. This is a great choice as this can really improve your quality of living. There are, however, so many gyms to choose from. They all claim to be the best and just right for you. All these choices can hinder rather than help you to begin going to a gym. You certainly do not want to make a mistake when deciding on a gym as you want to be able to see results as soon as possible. To help you with your search, here are some guidelines you can follow to find the perfect gym for you:

Location, Location, Location

The distance between your gym and your home or place of work is of huge importance. If your gym is a long trip from wherever you are located, you will soon stop going. The last thing you want to do after a tiring day at work is to slog to a faraway destination to work out. You have to motivate yourself to exercise and the easiest way to do that is to join a gym close to you. It is not easy to make up excuses not to work out if your gym is quite accessible.

Working Hours

You have to make sure that the gym that you are going to join will accommodate your free time. There are many gyms that are open quite early in the morning or quite late in the evening. Places such as these will allow you to work out when you can, thus ensuring that you will stick with your routine.

Professional Guides

You should be able to hire a professional trainer to help you with your workouts. When perusing through gyms check if they hire certified or expert trainers to help their customers. This will make all the difference to your exercise plan. Professional help will greatly increase the potency of your workout. It is not difficult to find a personal trainer San Jose has many gyms that offer the option of hiring one.


Last, but certainly not least, you have to be able to afford to attend your gym. The many choices out there will ensure that you will find one in your price range. This gym should also be well-equipped, however so that you may reap the full benefits of your membership. A little bit of research and you will find one that is perfect for you

These tips will help you find a gym that fits your personality as well your goals. It will soon become more than the place that you just work out. Rather, you will be able to find like-minded people who will help you on your journey to a healthier you.

14 Fun Facts About Swimming History

  1. The Greeks did not include swimming in the ancient Olympic Games, but did practice the sport, often building swimming pools as part of their baths.
  2. One common insult in Greece was to say about somebody that he or she neither knew how to run nor swim.

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  1. In Japan, swimming was one of the noble skills of the Samurai.
  2. Swimming was initially one of the seven agilities of knights during the Middle Ages, including swimming with armor.
  3. In 1538, Nikolaus Wynmann, a German professor of languages, wrote the first swimming book, A Dialogue on the Art of Swimming.
  4. The most passionate nation in the world for their swimming is Australia. In fact, walk down any beach in Australia or stroll into any shop and you can easily strike up a conversation about the sport, its stars, even its politics – just as one would do in England over soccer (football) or in American over American football.
  5. Many historians believe the “crawl” stroke was actually first done by the American Indians, and later copied by the colonists.
  6. The first heated pools started showing up in 1930 -The first topless male swimsuits were worn in the US in 1935.
  7. The first bikini was invented in Paris in 1946.
  8. Mark Spitz won seven Olympic Gold Medals at the Olympics in 1972, raising greatly the popularity of the sport.
  9. From 1989-2001 Baywatch airs on TV.
  10. During the 80s and 90s, fiberglass pools start to gain in popularity, exploding by the year 2005.
  11. Currently there are over 10 million swimming pools worldwide.
  12. Out of this 10 million, over 800(above grounds and in grounds combined) were built by River Pools and Spas.

What Men Secretly Want From Women?

It is not just women who have expectation from their partners in a relationship but men also want women to act rationally and respect them. There are women who face troubles in a relationship and they may wonder what wrong happened that the man they love has lost interest in the relationship seems to be fading away. This What Men Secretly Want Review will help you to know about what men secretly want from the women they love and to understand how to save the relationship and keep the man you love for ever falling for you, one can take help of the relationship program developed by the expert James Bauer.

  • When two people are in a relationship they become one and their decisions must be mutual and this is what every man must feel. You must be a part of the decisions for your life and future and men respect the women who act independently while giving the space needed by the man they love.
  • Men look for a friend and woman as well. They like to laugh and share sorrows and misfortunes along with their successes and failures and therefore, a woman must be able to communicate well and experience all the things a man would go through in day-to-day life along with them.
  • Non-materialistic love. Most men like to spend money and take their girlfriends out to restaurants and by her gifts and other surprises but it shouldn’t be demanding and if there are unrealistic expectations it would ring a bell in the man’s mind and he would think that it is just the materialistic love that his partner needs from him and he would surely move on.

So these are a few tips that can help you to win the man you love and for a very extensive understanding of psychology of males you can take help of the programs mentioned above.

Diamonds and Wedding Rings

Want to buy a diamond ring, but do not know how to start? Do you know enough about http://www.newstardiamonds.com, precious metals and rings to choose the right jewel and pay the right price for it? A good basic knowledge on diamonds is essential before you start shopping, looking for your ideal jewel. This consumer guide teaches you all about the information about diamonds and rings as well.

Loose diamonds for sale

Whether you are planning to buy loose diamonds for investment or as part of a diamond jewel such as to make your custom engagement ring, it is absolutely essential that you have some basic knowledge about diamonds before you start shopping. The famous 4Cs of diamond (Carat – carat weight, Colour – color, Clarity – purity or clarity, Cut – cutting or grinding quality) familiarize you with the main features of the quality and therefore the price and the determine gemstone.
In addition, you also have a lot of choice of various diamond shapes , also called diamond shape known as the most famous round diamond (brilliant) or the square princess diamond which is very popular for Wedding rings.

Diamond engagement ring
The engagement ring is for many people that the first time one does the shopping of a real valuable diamond jewel. Besides choosing the right gemstone, which is obviously the most important part, is the choice of the ring setting, also ring frame is important for the overall appearance of the jewel.

Wedding rings South Africa
In addition to the engagement ring, the wedding ring is without doubt the most important gem that you will ever buy. Not only does it have an immense emotional value, but you and your partner will wear it daily. A right purchase of wedding rings is therefore particularly important and one can buy it from New Star Diamonds online.

Other Aspects
In addition to the color and the design, the choice of the noble metal (gold, silver, platinum) is really important, from which the rings are made. Not only it determines the price, depending on the rarity of the metal, but also the important properties such as strength, durability, corrosion resistance and maintenance are decided by this decision.
You can always buy diamonds for sale South Africa online and become aware and informed about the jewels and precious diamond