Canvas Prints are Modern Photo Booths

The photos on canvas are great way to create the old photo booth effects as from the older times. It was fun to go to the photo booths and with best friends and partner after movies. The black and white photos or the ones with sepia effect in horrible lighting. These were some of the best memories for many. With the advancement in photography and smartphones, the photo booths are least popular nowadays. There are best resolution camera phones and one may take stunning photos with these. Sadly, there is least number of photo booths nowadays.

There is a great idea to get the effects of the photos booth images. One can print the photos onto canvas and create the special effects on the canvas prints. Just click the photo with your boyfriend or best friend doing crazy gestures and upload the image to the CanvasDesignz and choose the frame and sit back and wait for the beautiful art piece to arrive at your home.

The canvas prints are coated with UV protective layer and varnish to prevent from heat and moisture. These memories can be remembered forever by printing the image on the canvas. These can remain intact for as good as 100 years and can be passed to future generations as well.

One can do the settings accordingly. The picture can be arranged vertically the photo effects can be added as well. Just get one large photo on canvas or get many photos to create a small collage on the canvas. These individual photos can be arranged in beautiful way on the walls of the bedroom.
Just imagine the bedroom with photos of your loved one with photo booth effects and one can even look at them and remember the time even after decades.