Breathing Oxygen at Home

People who have respiratory disorders face difficulty in breathing oxygen properly. Oxygen Masks are required by such people. An oxygen mask consists of a storage tank to transfer oxygen to the lungs. Oxygen masks are of two kinds; full face mask and oral-nasal masks. A full-face mask covers the entire face whereas an oral-nasal masks only covers the nose and the mouth.

Oxygen is stored under high pressure in tanks. These oxygen tanks are available in large and portable sizes. The large tanks can be kept at home and the smaller tanks can be used for travelling. To breathe oxygen at home through these tanks, you need to have a nasal canula or an oxygen mask with you.

An oxygen mask is preferred by most people especially when oxygen is required in large amounts. If you are using an oxygen mask, you must keep in mind that:

-The mask has to be replaced in regular basis (after 14-28 days)

-If you are suffering from cold, cough or flu you must dispose your oxygen mask and get a new one.

The user often suffers from dryness around lips, mouth and nose due to the use of oxygen at home. It is advised to avoid dryness by using a water based lubricant or aloe-vera. Oil based lubricants must not be used.

Ask your healthcare provider about the right amount of oxygen that you should intake. Do not change your oxygen supply during use. The oxygen tank should be kept away from flames and open fire to avoid any mishap.

Benefits of Water For Your Skin

You have oily skin or dry skin. You will spend tons of money to get the best and perfect products to improve the quality of your skin.

But, do you know what can be the cause of the problem?

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NO! Most of us are ignorant of the fact that how the quality of food we eat and the amount of water we consume can effect the way our skin reacts.

But it is both very important to learn and very easy to adopt at the same time.

Here are few ways water can effect your skin’s health:


Water is like an internal cleanser for your body. It helps in flushing out the toxins and remove all the unnecessary materials present inside in the form of frequent urination.

It is important for your skin as sometimes the problems of breaking out are caused by these toxins.


Water plays a crucial role in delivering the necessary nutritions to your skin. It keeps your skin glowing. It also acts as a replenisher for the tissues of your body to improve elasticity.

This keeps your face tight and beats the puffiness that typically develops along the jawline and hate!


As I said previously, it tightens the skin. You skin will not sag or look loose. Water is a perfect natural replacement for your expensive anti-aging cream.

Moreover, water also nourishes your skin that inturn improves your complexion. So consume 2 liters of water daily and throw out your deceiving whitening cream as well.

Low cost home decor ideas

You might be thinking to have an eye catch decor of your home, it will require a great deal of money investment. But creativity does not demand a lot of money. It demands your aesthetic sense. Here I will be giving you few ideas that will give a creative home decor without investing so much money.

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  • Hanging silver trays in your home are quite eye catchy as these are very attractive ornaments. They give your home a much well-designed look.
  • Where there are flowers, there is beauty. Hence you can pick up some bouquets of vibrant flowers and place them in your home to give a fresh look and a beautiful fragrance.
  • Usually the low key prints make up a better contrast with the bold color scheme. If you have light colored sofas in your living room. You can add a bold colored cushion e.g. in zebra print to make it more appealing.
  • You can add transparent tables in your home especially in a living room. It will make it look larger than before. As transparent objects make the space look more airy, open and provide peace of mind.
  • Choose a lamp for your home. No matter it is on or off, it will always give a lovely look.
  • If you have a large space and you want to divide it. Instead of making a wall, you can use pull down curtain or sliding mirrors that will give your home a modernized look.


If you are a crazy makeup addict, one mistake you will make is taking too much makeup with you adding to your luggage weight.

When you reach your final spot, you will realize that you will not be even using half of the stuff you brought.

So it is important to make the sensible selection while choosing what to take with you.

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To help you a bit, I have listed down some tips that will assist you in efficient makeup packing on long routes. Have a look:

Do NOT Skip Concealer:

One mistake most of us make is that very carry foundation and usually, skip on concealer.

I will suggest that concealing > base on travel trips!

The main reason is that mostly you will be using minimal makeup, but due to tiredness and sleepless night, you definitely will experience crazy eyebags.

So concealer is an MUSTHAVE and maybe, all that you need!

Pick Liquid Lipsticks:

Here comes a great travel hack, avoid taking your regular lipsticks with you. Due to temperature or mishandling of your bag on the hands of staff, your lipsticks are highly prone to breakage.

Pick liquid lipsticks!

As they come in a sturdy plastic tube, they are a much safer and wiser option to take with you.


Deluxe Size:

If you are an active traveler, you must have it! But if you don’t, try collecting travel or deluxe sizes of the products you want to carry.

They come in smaller packaging and are very convenient to carry.

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Quick Tips for an Online Business

Right now, we live in the digital age. Starting a business is no longer an unattainable goal. Whichever it is that you want to start a business in, you can be sure that it is possible. Online businesses are all the rage in the current day and age. The industry has never been more lucrative. The best part is that a normal person can take full advantage of this, and do better than a lot of established companies if they go about it right. While businesses are constantly popping up on the internet, making one successful takes a little more work.

Be Prepared for What is to Come

In order to make your business on the internet a success, Haroon Qureshi says that you have to expect competition. With so many different businesses on the internet, you will have to work hard to get a leg up. It is going to be easier to do this work if you love doing it. Always pick an industry or a field that you are actually good at. This way it won’t feel like work when you dedicate your time to it. Even better, find a niche in which other businesses haven’t tapped into the customer base for the most part. This might seem impossible, but all it takes is a little research.

Good content and products can get you to a lot of places in the online world, but a large part of your marketing needs to be done on social media. Over a billion users use Facebook, and over 100 million people use Twitter. The reach that you could have with sponsored posts on these websites is literally about an eighth of the global population. Networking is the key to success. Follow these simple rules if you want to truly be a rock star in the business world.

Simple Tips to Improve Your Handwriting

Graphology is a field of study that examines and analyses handwriting. This field of science states that an individual’s handwriting can reveal a great deal about his or her personality and current state of mood. This is why it is important for you to make sure that you have a good, readable handwriting. Bad handwriting can influence your teacher to mark your paper badly even if you have written the right answers. Therefore, make sure to follow the tips given below to improve your handwriting style.

Get a Good Grasp

The way you hold the pen or pencil can affect your handwriting to a great extent. Hold the pen from the top part and try to write your name. It is quite difficult, isn’t it? The further your hand is away from the point, the harder it will be for you to write properly. The ideal way to use a pen is to hold it in place with your thumb, index and middle finger.

Use the Right Equipment

Apart from your personal skills, the equipment you use can influence your handwriting too. For instance, if your pencil is not properly sharpened or if the pen has a low ink level, your writing can look ugly. Thus, you need to invest on reliable and effective stationary items in order to make sure that your writing is not affected by the equipment you use. When making stationary purchases, opt for modern equipment such as electronic pencil sharpeners since they are much more effective.

Follow the Lines

The easiest way to get a neat handwriting is to practice on lined paper. When practicing, make sure to fill the lined space completely. Lines not only enable you to write straight, but they help you to adjust the size of your letters too. If your letters are in the right size and proportion, your handwriting will become automatically beautiful.

Furthermore, you need to slow down your pace too. Rushing can make it difficult for you to control your handwriting. Therefore, lower the pressure on the pen and reduce your speed of writing. This will definitely make a visible change in your handwriting.

Best Reasons to Run Your Own Business

Most people are under the false impression that running a business is fun. Of course, it is a fun experience. But you must not undermine the responsibilities of the job. In order to run a business on your own, you need to have a valid reason. The following are some such reasons that you can take into consideration.

You Can Control Your Destiny

There is no need for you to rely on someone else to make your personal decisions. No need to run to your superior for approval. Most importantly, no need to be afraid to break the rules. When you run a company, you get to do things your way. When you handle things in a comfortable way, you are more likely to be successful. Your confidence in your abilities and strategies will lead you in the right direction.

You Can Choose Your Colleagues

We all have had that one colleague who either creeps us out or annoys us 24/7. When you run your own company, you can choose people who you are comfortable with. Of course, such control over recruitment can lead to nepotism. Thus, it is important to base the decision on qualification instead of prejudice. For example, Muslims entrepreneurs must not just hire individuals who follow the same religion. Instead, you need hire people from various religions and races. The more diverse your workspace is, the more fun and innovative it will be.

You Can Instill Work-Life Balance

Most people find it difficult to cope with their personal life due to work stress. You must never let these two lines cross each other. Being an entrepreneur allows you to have more control over your professional life. This means that you can ensure that your work decisions will not affect your personal life. This way, you will be able to maintain happy and healthy personal relationships with your friends and family.

As you can see, being an entrepreneur offers you so much more than flexible work hours. So, do not misuse this opportunity or take it for granted.


How To Sell Your Website In A Better Light

Ah, the joy of finally getting done with the design of that brand new website for your company. However, now that this critical phase is done, what is your next step? Well, the obvious answer is that you have to start attracting customers to your website so that you can satisfy the goals of your company. Bringing in more visitors to the page increases your chances of some of them being turned over to purchasing products your company.

According to the pros like Adeel Chowdhry internet marketing is mostly about getting visitors TO your site, after which they can be turned over by other means. There are many ways to try and get new visitors to your website, such as SEO or search engine optimization. This is a method in which sites are made more prominent on the front page of search engines when the user looks for a specific keyword, based on how closely recurring phrases in the content of the site matches the searched for phrase.

Start Your Very Own Blog

Even experts who are incredibly well known such as Adeel Chowdry run blogs. Blogging is a way in which you can offer completely original content to the people on your blog for free. Unlike a website, a blog is far easier to maintain and is extremely useful in generating additional traffic for the site. People are more interested in the relatable content on the blog, because it feels more personal and intimate. This makes it less likely for people to be intimidated by it. A good way to make people visit your website after having read your blog is to include an author bio at the end. This will have a link to your website that the more interested readers can click on and go to. If you make the bio interesting, they most certainly will be paying you a visit.

Porsche Goes for Michelin for its Much-Awaited 2015 911 GT3

Michelin Tyres’ Pilot Sport Cup 2 radials are the ones that Porsche has laid its finger on. These tyres will carry the upcoming Porsche 911 GT3 edition, ready for launch in 2015. The French tyre giant promises over 50% more laps as well as faster velocities with its revolutionary product.

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1 Porsche Goes for Michelin for its Much-Awaited 2015 911 GT3

Porsche has chosen the Pilot Sport Cup 2 as original equipment fitment for its 2015 911 GT3. The latest iteration of this super road car will don this Michelin product, which has been completely revamped for superior grip and better wear characteristics.

Michelin claims that the Pilot Sport Cup 2 lasts for a 50% longer duration on track and ensures faster lap times, compared to its predecessor. The tyre manufacturer attributes these qualities to its ongoing endeavours in the motorsport arena.

Development and Testing

The development of this particular tyre began with Porsche’s 918 super hybrid car. It included an elaborate test programme, which saw over 50 evolutions of the Pilot Sport Cup 2, before the final version was produced.

The exhaustive test programme included 150 hours of rigorous testing, 4000km of track time, 200 tyres specifically designed for tuning and nearly 550 prototypes.

Porsche’s Requirements – A Challenge for Michelin

The German auto major’s wish list for its newest 911 GT3 was a massive challenge for the French tyre major. Porsche’s ideal tyre was required to offer high grip under dry and wet conditions, lowest possible fuel consumption, enhanced safety in the wet and a long tread life.

Michelin, in order to design and manufacture a tyre as all-encompassing as this, merged the following key ingredients:

  1. Bi-Compound Technology
  2. Track Longevity 2.0® technology
  3. Deeper Tread

It employed Bi-Compound Technology, in which the compounds on the inner and outer tyre shoulder differ from each other. The exterior part of the tread contains an elastomer with “High Molecular Chain” structure, for superior grip in the dry and during tight bends. The interior portion of the tread consists of a rigid elastomer to facilitate precise steering control. Such a composition is found in Porsche Carrera Cup, in its N2 tyre family.

The resultant tyre, the Pilot Sport Cup 2, offers a host of opposing benefits. The tyre, consequently, offers exceptional dry grip and better lap time consistency in the dry.

The innovative tyre also has a unique bead area, which is 10% broader than that of conventional sports radials. It, hence, has better cornering abilities.

The latest Michelin product is also equipped with the tyre maker’s Track Longevity Technology 2.0. Under this, the tyre gets racing-inspired shoulder architecture, which enables it to withstand tough cornering in every lap.

And lastly, the tread depth of this Michelin tyre has been enhanced by 20% – a design that facilitates safe performance under wet conditions.

The new tyre, Michelin states, can ensure 1.8s faster lap duration in the dry, over five laps, in comparison with its predecessor – Pilot Sport Cup +. The same tyre, in the wet, offers 1.2s faster lap times as proved during track testing.

Michelin spokesperson calls its Pilot Sport Cup 2 the best road-legal racing radial by far; and that they have test results to establish the same.

The Everyday Tyre Buyer – Inevitable Aging and Potential Repercussions on Tyre Sales Processes

While there is ample scope of discussion on what a tyre’s sell-by date should ideally be, today we will touch upon a very new, almost untouched area. We will talk about aging pertaining to that of car tyres, but not of tyre per se. The point of discussion today is the way tyre traders will have to modify pitching their wares and services to the “older” tyre consumers.

The Growing Number of Elderly Drivers

With the news we got last week that there are 4 million motorists on UK roads over 70 years of age, today’s topic gains more relevance. The relevant statistics from RAC Foundation have indicated that this number will continue to grow further. The firm has published that the number of over-70 motorists holding valid driving licenses crossed the four million mark in the previous quarter, for the first time ever.

Currently, motorists aged 70 years and above are required to renew their driving license once every three years. Their eyesight and overall health are important too. The point here, however, is not to question the abilities of an average elderly driver. More often than not, the arrogance and overconfidence of a young driver is the cause of an accident or insurance claimed on UK roads. The point is whether this particular genre of elderly clients is being served at the best of industry’s abilities or not.

The Need for Change in Tyres Sales Processes

Leading vehicle servicing websites and companies remind drivers to regularly maintain their vehicles by ensuring an annual MOT and visiting their mechanic for regular checks. Particularly, in case of older drivers, it is quite essential that their vehicles are continually maintained in accordance with the requirements of their owners.

This situation, certainly, will have implications on the manner in which winter tyres retailers conduct their businesses. The fact that UK’s driver pool is constantly aging and the number of younger drivers is simultaneously plummeting, is expected to impact retail and tyre sales procedures.

Some years ago, a major tyre manufacturer’s retail operation discovered that in addition to scoring low on customer satisfaction with female buyers, it also had the lowest number of female run flat tyres purchasers among its peers. When the firm realised this, its management immediately modified their strategic approach and revamped their premises as well as selling style.

The company’s efforts were successful and garnered a swift response from the target segment. It happened because they appreciated, on time, the fact that women hold inconsistent levels of purchasing power particularly with reference to car repairs. What the burning question today is which company is doing the same for elderly motorists?

The average age of motorists is on the rise, substantiated by the findings of a UK Government-led research. The study predicts that in the coming years, out of the existing number of UK citizens, about 10 million will age to 100 years. An AA research has shown that by 2030, over 90% of males over 70 will be motorists. In the wake of the present-day scenario, we must not expect this issue to wane anytime soon.